Wanting to upgrade my PC

So I'm looking to upgrade my desktop to be able to record/stream the newest games. The PC I have is a custom build, but it it 1-3 years old I believe, I use OBS, just FWI. So specs can be found here: http://gysfreeloader.webs.com/gaming-setup


Or here is the list:


Windows 7 Ultimate

AMD Athlon II X4 core 620 processor 2.60GHz *Overclocking soon*


400GB Harddrive

ATI Radeon™ HD 5770 Graphics Card *Overclocked*

2 Monitor setup


The AMD fx line is very good for video streaming and editing and the new r9 series graphics cards are kick ass. I do video editing myself and i built one of the main computers for my school to edit on for a tv and video class we have. I put an fx8300 in it and it is amazing but in my personal build i am doing an fx6300 and both are great for video and gaming and not far out of reach price wise. Also im putting in an msi R9 270x in my personal build which with the benchmarks i saw blew me away. I hope i was of any help

I recently upgraded to a gtx 760. Awesome card, runs BF4 at Ultra at a smooth framerate.  But I have heard that the R9 270 performs similarly at a lower price point, so if you're on a budget that's pretty much the best performance per price ratio you're going to get. 


besides the video card, what else are you looking to upgrade.