Wanting to install linux on a partioned ssd to dual boot with win10?

Hello L1T,

Hope all is good! Last time I asked people on which distros to try on my vmware and I have been testing lots. I ended up liking fedora and Ubuntu/Debian. I even ran Debian under a chroot on my arm based android phone. The whole idea was to get myself familiarized with hpc computing and CAE while job searching. As well to play around with Linux tools, programming and try to run games and stuff on it.

Now during my time I ran into comparability issues with vmware and stuff and I want to run native Linux. My spec are in my sig and I wanted to partition my 500gb ssd (maybe 256) for linux. My Windows 10 is on my other ssd. I wanna dual boot without touching my Windows 10 or even its bootloader. I don’t mind accessing bios to switch boot ssd to get to Linux. So how can I do that ? Also which Linux has the most compatibility of my system? Lucky for me the software are all distro agnostic, so that’s good.


If you go with debian or ubuntu the same commad applies, for fedora (assuming an efi install, legacy is kinda outdated anyway) you can update grub with

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Question, if I go back to the bios and change the boot order back to my windows ssd, would the windows bootloader work? Say if I end up wiping linux or change distro, would windows bootloader mess up?


All grub does is load the windows bootloader.