Wanting to buy amd, intel, or nvidia stock

How should I go about doing this? Talk to me like a n00b as I know nothing of this, also how do I request a stock certificate after purchase (the sec mandates that I have the legal right to have one delivered to me)? Also i know this should be in a different place but im not sure where to put it.

You need to go through a stock broker, whether it be at physical office or an online trading website like etrade.com or tradeking.com (I use tradeking myself), among many others.

Just a cautionary note here, it appears you have little knowledge about investing, you should seriously educate yourself on the topic before you go about buying and selling stocks, it's very easy to lose a significant amount of your money if you don't know what you're doing.

I suppose you can request physical stock certificates, but this is not done, as the ability to easily buy and sell stocks electronically is very important and if you have actually have a physical copy this can not be done.

I'm not interested in selling it, or making ANY money. I just want to possess the certificate. Plus these stocks are cheap. Infact AMD stock is only around $4 a share. What do I have to loose?

Anything upto $4 per share i suppose :P

Take a look at Ameritrade. It's pretty easy to use and you can take care of everything without going anywhere. 

Ok, I see.

If you just want one certificate, you might try something like this:



This allows to avoid setting up a brokerage account, which includes a minimum deposit of usually around $500-$1000 depending on the brokerage and paying a trading commission. Intel doesn't actually issue stock certificates anymore, so they give like a certificate of appreciation or something.

That can't be true because the sec mandates that it must be made available to the purchaser

According to who? I'm not BSing you here. It's pretty easy to search for this stuff if you want to learn more. Here is one article I found: