Wanting more information on the file structure for an android application

Hello everyone! I've been messing with android studio the past few days on my laptop and watching a little guide on setting up a basic android application, currently watching TheNewBoston's series. I have some java experience and normally use Eclipse which I might switch over to. I do not know too much about the graphics side of java but will be putting some time to do that down the road.

Anyways I am someone who likes to know the most I can about developing something and was wondering if anyone knew where I could get information on how most applications are set up in the files. Kind of a "skeleton" for an application.

I like working from the ground up so android studio throwing a bunch of files in makes me want to know what each file is for.

Thanks for taking your time to read this

TLDR - Wanting to know what all android studio is throwing together for me.

Well basically, files and packages are just separated by their discrete data, purpose and place in the application cycle, nothing too elaborate (unlike some enterprise web services, then there are often modules). For example front-end classes (Activities and such) get put into a separate package, maybe in different sub-packages if they can be grouped. Then for something like data objects, create another package, so they can neatly stay there together. For data accessing there's another package and so on...
If I were you I would just focus on everything being tidy, by following these few attributes, trying to group stuff as much as possible. Then everything will sort itself out :). There isn't one correct skeleton of a program, it just has to be intuitive and fit that project. For Android it's mostly going to be a module-less project with packages separating your classes by purpose. Maybe reading the coding standard would help, I do not know if there's anything on your topic there, though.