Wanted: Streamers using Looking Glass

We are trying to compile a list of people that are streaming using Looking Glass for content in an upcoming video.

If you are interested in having your stream included and you use Looking Glass, please add your name to this spreadsheet:

If your platform is not listed please create another column for it.

Want to get back into it using my X299 system once that’s up and running. Waiting on Memory and DSDT and SSDTs before I make my permanent move to X299. Historically though, I got this clip that rose me to 15 seconds of fame using Looking Glass and Window Capture in the host:

english only?

i made a clip of me coding my own obs plugin when trying to get cursor support. its in german though:

No limit on language, however you do need more then just a clip. We are talking about people that are fairly regularly streaming using Looking Glass.

Also btw… the LG OBS plugin has cursor support in bleeding edge (slated for B3) :slight_smile:

Yeah, you didn’t say that from the beginning :slight_smile: It’s your choice then, I can add my stream if you want.
What do you mean with fairly regularly? Weekly?
I’m pretty sure I’ll be streaming more in the future, but that doesn’t mean a lot regarding how much i did so far (total of 130h).

And yeah, I already saw the official LG OBS plugin, but the work I did there is a while back by now. I didn’t care to update it, it is still using the protocol version 8 :smiley:

regular enough that you have some content sitting there available :). nothing crazy though.

The list is so that @wendell can take some footage to feature in the video (if he wants to use it), if you have nothing there, well there is nothing to feature.

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stream a few games or something with lg, take some pics and post here or social media? :smiley: