(WANTED) mechanical keyboard

So im looking for a gaming mechanical keyboard. Im looking to pay around 50$ depending on the brand, model, and condition.

Or if you have a really nice keyboard that you would want to trade for my silver arrow cpu cooler I might be interested.


IBM model m. EBAY.

Question on these. We have some of these for use on our AS-400, where would I acquire an adapter for one?

Need pictures of the CPU cooler with your username and today's date written on a piece of paper.


Also, I think you would have better luck on Ebay.  However, I just bought this keyboard a couple of days ago...


If you can afford the $75 premium, you can get a $20 MIR.  That would bring it down to $55.  Definitely worth it IMO, which I guess I am being a bit biased.  xD

Still looking? I have a NIB steelseries 6gV2 I will sell for 50USD plus shipping.

I have a Razer blackwidow ultimate model RZ03-0038  . It's used but in good condition. Here it is all jazzed and lit up http://imgur.com/xiC9gpl and one with the product number http://imgur.com/PgPAoeP . Would trade for the silver arrow cooler. Thanks.