[WANTED]: Anyone have nonworking PC hardware?

Hi folks, I am looking for donations of secondhand PC hardware Non-working is okay.

Who am I?

My name is Adrian. I am a web developer and PC enthusiast. I also like to Make things.

What am I doing?

I am developing a computer chassis and mounting system design as part of a larger project. This will become a product, and hopefully a company. I plan to crowdfund this project in August or September, but, as of now, all funding is out of my own pocket.

I need samples of PC hardware to help to develop and refine my designs. This hardware will also be used for mockups and to demonstrate usage with my prototypes. Again, non-working components are okay.

What am I Looking For?

  • motherboards (ATX, ITX)
  • RAM (any brand)
  • 3 ½" HDDs (any brand)
  • 2 ½" SSDs (any brand)
  • GPUs (preferably modern-looking)
  • other PCIE devices
  • 5 ¼" bay devices (i/o panels, fan controllers, hot-swap drive bays, speakers, etc.)
  • cpu coolers, maybe even watercooling hardware
  • case fans (120mm or 140mm), radiators
  • cords and cables (sata, pcie ribbon cables, others)
  • other stuff…?

What's in it For You?

At the moment, my thanks!
When I begin crowdfunding, you will enjoy early access to project information, and I will be able to offer you some of the rewards (whether or not the funding is successful).

Right now, I (unfortunately) cannot offer more details about the project. I am working on submitting patents for several aspects of my designs. Once this is complete, I will also be looking for input from other PC enthusiasts, and you will be the first people I ask.

I really appreciate your time; and I hope you can find something to contribute!

Please PM me if you have something I can use. If you have any questions, please post here and I will answer promptly.

Thanks again!

Ive got tons of old 3.5" drives I dont need that may work or may not, different sizes and such. Do you need them to be working or not and also ive got tons or RAM like mainlt DDR2 I think and some DDR3 that I dont need/want that varry from 128MD to 2GB sticks. Also, do you pay for shipping and of it cause if so and you want the stuff lemme know. I could use the shelf space again and I would rather not throw them away. (I like to take some of them apart for magnets or the reflective platters when and salvage the rest from time to time, also I horde a lot)

Thanks, @Pyromaster225!

Are you in the U.S.? I can pay for something like a priority mail flat rate box (or a regular one if it turns out to be cheaper).

Yes, RAM and a few 3.5" drives would be great. Working or not doesn't matter; this is mainly for test-fitting and finding out if/where the design needs to be refined. It will also be used for photographs: usage demos, etc..

Ive got some old motherboards and a couple of cpus you could have. I also got some other hardware to if you are interested.

Thank you! That would be great. PM me with what you have and I'll give you an address and we can talk about shipping.

@Pyromaster225, are you still willing to donate some of your drives/ram? Please PM me if so to discuss shipping.

Thanks again, to both of you!