Want your opinion on my build

Firstly I would like to say hi, I am a new member.So this is my first attempt at a build, any thoughts or opinions are appreciated. Below is my parts list for each component. NOTE: I already bought the 270x used off craigslist for $75. In addition, I am still thinking about what operating system I want and trying to find a website where I can get a code for a good price.

The motherboard was on not on part picker for some reason...
ASUS M5A97 R2.0-R AM3+ AMD 970 + SB950 6 x SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMDa
On another note I hope this Amazon Prime Day thing will save me a couple bucks because I also need a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and headset(gonna buy headphones and vmoda boom mic).


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That is not my build...let me fix this quick.

i checked it. you based the build off of he FX-6300. it's not an Athlon based build.

You already bought the 270x. but how much are you willing to spend overall on your system exactly?

About $450ish, but I am flexible if the upgrade is really worth it.

Do you plan on overclocking the system?


I have not really looked into overclocking, is it worth it?

for gaming yes, of course you want to squeeze out as much performance as you can out of the components you buy.

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Maybe in the future, going from console to PC is already a huge upgrade.

Here's what i'd do for the money you are spending.


The build is based on the Athlon 860k. it's an excellent Quad-Core Prcoessor for the money. and it will handle all the stuff you can throw on it with the 270x. this build is ITX based. so the PC will be fairly small. but it has all you will need to "Kill Your Console". Also it comes with Wi-FI so maybe you don't have the modem and router in your room, (just naming a worse-case scenario) you have it built directly on to your motherboard. I personally wouldn't invest onto the FX platform simply because it's ancient and dead. also you don't really have much of motherboard options there's only three, as apposed to the A88XM chipset (Which takes the Athlon 860k Processor) but this is something i'd go with overall. especially since you are new to the PC gaming platform.

Also the case comes with a Window on it so you can look at your components and feel proud. lol

Why is the cpu cooler almost the same price as the cpu?Is the stock cooler bad?

the stock cooler is good, for basic use. if you're going to be gaming a lot you're going to want to get something durable.

Ehh........ stock cooler will do just fine, if you ain't over clocking and just gaming, I'd use stock. My brother games more than I do and he still uses the stock CPU cooler. A thing to note is as long as you are under 80c, you should be fine for the most part.

Thanks @Kiaxa for confirmations.

To be honest I really don't want to go with a mini case, I just don't like their size.

I would recommend avoiding Gigabyte's FM2+ motherboards at all costs. My personal experience with the GA-F2A88X-UP4 was not a pleasant one and I highly recommend you get something else. Personally I wouldn't normally recommend MSI but I think at this point its a better option


Actually never mind, I will go with your build but will change the case because I don't like window.Thanks! I am still open to other suggestions.

So something like this?Also yes I don't have a router in my room, what is the solution?

Ahh, the classic, "anti-overclocking" mentality.

Your argument against overclocking here is that the upgrade is large already, so why make it larger?

If I offered you $1,000,000, you'd take that over $1,500,000, because it's already a lot, right?


umm wat? your analogy seems like you two different cases of cash is in play, where the OP has a single object with two different options, OC or not-to-OC.