Want to upgrade to 1060

I currently have a EVGA 950 FTW, with an AMD Athlon X4 860K running at stock. I was wondering if I upgrade to a 1060 6Gb am I severally bottlenecking myself with the cpu?

I mostly play overwatch and csgo, but when I do go and play the triple A titles I definitely see my 950 struggling.

if its a bottleneck now then it wont get any better


i feel that the 950 itself is the problem with these games no totally the cpu

run a game and monitor your cpu usage and gpu usage at the same time, if gpu isnt mostly at 99% all the time it is botlenecked, by how much I dont know because its not my hardware

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will do, so if im at like 99% for the gpu im not getting screwed by the cpu


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So lets say after I do the test and I see my gpu usage is 99%, do you think its worth it to upgrade gpu on my current cpu, or should i just wait till I can do a full system?

I personally would wait for a new system but I am a very patient person and this is your call

I am patient too…because I am a poor college student. Ill spend my time trying to overclock the 950 as precise as possible

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this is the beauty of the PC.

I agree that the 950 is probably the bottleneck on your system at the minute.
I also agree that a 1060 will be bottlenecked by the 860k. this is because by removing the current bottleneck (950) and upgrading you will just find the next one (860k).
BUT this doesn’t mean youre stupid to upgrade, Id even say maybe upgrade to a 1080 class card if you can, even with the 860k.
This is because you don’t need to wait and buy a full system. Do you like your case and power supply? keep them. happy with your drives and so on? keep them.
Upgrade the gpu and then keep saving and buy a board ram and a cpu and swap them in as you go.

For me a pc is an ongoing affair. You originally buy a bulk purchase but then from that point on you just buy what you want as you want it and it spreads the cost so you end up with a boss rig but it averages out as less than a new console every time one is released.

You’re preaching to the choir there guy


I’m not sure how you mean that but the post reads like upgrade one thing or buy a complete new thing.
I was just pointing out he has a lot more options.
This may be obvious to you but it may not have been to the OP

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When I upgraded my dau’s 7870k+r7250 to the 3gb version of the 1060 it was a really nice upgrade.
It has done well on everything she has thrown at it.

I think that im gonna look for some deals on boxing day and black friday and ill probably pick one up if there are any good deals. gives me time to save money and figure it out

from what ive seen im maxing cpu at 99% and gpu runs at like 65%

Well then CPU upgrade should be first.

I would personally wait till ram prices drop as they are stupid high, but it might take for ever.

There is no bottleneck in this system… 950 is perfect combo for 860K…
I have R9 270X and that is barely slowed down by the CPU.
Some games may rely more on the processor, while others on the GPU, but in general, GPU like 950/960/1050/270/X/460/560 is perfect for that CPU power…
If you ask me, lower down some details, remove bloom and ambient occlusion and all that crap and double your framerates. Get Ryzen 1200 and cheap B350 board with some 8Gb ram for 250$ and after you sell your current CPU and board for 100-150$. Ryzen 1200 will give you noticeable jump in CPU performance and if there is a CPU bottleneck somewhere there won’t be anymore.
1060 on 860K is rocket on a tricycle…

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Yea I feel for the games I play right now this system is no problem for me, as I’ve just go into PC gaming since my friends built theirs. Since we all have PCs now i’ll most likely be moving adding more triple A games to my library and just want to have a smooth experience with good graphics.

I think my best play right now is to run this PC into the ground for a year or two so I can save my money and build a new one down the road with the next gen cpu’s and gpu’s that will be coming.

Cause thinking about it the 11 series cards from nvidia should be just around the corner?

I mean that sounds like a good idea…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLOug2GMyCc

Here’s the deal…
In the last couple generations the low end 750To, 950, 1050 have been taunted as the best for 1080p gaming. Since then I had R9 270X and outperformed them all… Still don’t need to upgrade it.
If you get a decent mid range card it will hold you for a long time.
Honestly, 1060, 480, 580, 290, 390, 970, 980 are all in the same performance range. 290 is 3 generations old GPU…
My point is, 1160 will be slightly faster than 1060 or 580 or whatever, but you may get 3 years old 390X and have the same performance.
High performance is expensive and the mid range have been the same for a while now…

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