Want to try out Mods for Skyrim

i want to give modded Skyrim  a try but idk where to even start i was looking at Logan's mod list but there is no way i can run all of those mods so thats why im posting what are you guys favorite mods that are a must have in skyrim and i also want to try out a texture pack


btw my specs are

CPU: AMD FX-6300 OC to 4.3Ghz

Motherboard: MSI 970A-G46

CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper Evo 212

RAM: 8GB Kingston HyperX Blu @ 2100Mhz

GPU: Asus R9 270x Direct CU2 2GB OC 1160/1400



Easiest graphics mod is immersive saturation boost, makes Skyrim stop looking so dull for no performance loss. Realistic lighting and improved interior lighting make the dungeon seem a lot more atmospheric (mage light is suddenly usefull).

Invested magic makes summoning a lot less tedious (invest X amount of mana, but the summons stay until they are dead).

The forbidden magic spell packs are fun, although some spells are a bit op.

You can never really have  enough decent quest and enemy mods (look at the rating), just install a bunch that seem good and you will be pleasantly suprised when you trigger an interesting quest.

I consider the following Skyrim mods essential:

SKSE: This expands Skyrims scripting language, allowing for more robust mods, most of the following mods will require it. It also incorporates the startup memory allocation patch. 


This mod takes Skyrim's renowned frigid climate and makes it a gameplay mechanic. Frostfall adds debuffs caused by exposure to the elements to the game, it's even possible to freeze to death if you're particularly stupid. It also adds many items and gameplay changes to help you survive, such as assigning exposure protection stats to clothing, portable tents and craftable campfires, and cloaks.

Climates Of Tamriel. 

This mod adds new weather systems, textures, lighting, and several other effects. It's compatible with Frostfall, your character's exposure will change depending on the weather system.

Wet and Cold. 

This adds weather related textures and effects. NPCs will equip gloves and hoods and take shelter in bad weather. Frostfall and COT compatible. 

 Cloaks of Skyrim and Winter is coming: Cloaks. 

Adds many lore friendly capes and cloaks to the game.

Sounds of Skyrim; The Wilds, Dungeons, and Civilization. 

Adds many new sound effects to Skyrim

Static mesh improvement mod. 

This mod fixes some of the worst models and textures in the game. If you install no other graphics mod, install this one. 

Immersive armors. 

Adds many awesome and lore friendly armors to the game.

Immersive weapons. 

Adds many awesome and lore friendly weapons to the game. 

Immersive Creatures. 

Adds many awesome and lore friendly creatures to the game. (though a few push the boundaries of lore friendliness)

Weapons of the Third Era.

Adds yet more weapons to the games.

Interesting NPCs. 

This mod adds many new voice acted NPCs to the game, they all have extensive dialog trees and give the world a feeling of vitality that it was lacking before. 



Warpig has a good list of mods to try out. I recommend checking out Gopher's Skyrim Mod Sanctuary series on youtube -->(https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL96C073B0B8BFC01D). He'll show you how to get your pc setup for modding Skyrim and how to install individual mods.