Want to trade for a cpu,ram and psu

I have already post this on my local craigslist,and i know it is unlikly that anyone will want to but it does not hurt to try. also i live in houston texas,so you will have an idea on shipping.

This is just a copy and paste from my craigslist ad.

Ok I am look to trade some pc parts for other pc parts that i need.

What i am looking for is a a 750W(or higher)PSU,at least 4GB of ddr2 ram,and and any cpu off this listhttp://www.asus.com/Motherboards/M2NSLI_Deluxe/#support_CPU
I also need enough single molex to to dual molex to have a total of 6 ide drives hooked up,and a cpu cooler that will fit on an am2+ board(it can be a stock cooler,but a better one would be nice).

What i have to offer i have 2 broken laptops,1 dell with a 2.1ghz amd dual core,4gb ddr3,needs new mobo,no HD but i do have the booklets and the drivers disk and it has a windows 7 key,also it in in peices cause i tried to use parts from it to make the other work,but then i noticed that i don't have a power brick for either,1 toshiba with a amd v-140 2.3ghz cpu,no HD a broken screen,and no ram right now cause i lent it to someone,but he hopefully should be giving it(2GB ddr3)soon,i also have 2 512mb ddr2 laptop ram,i have 4 512mb stick of ddr(2 kingston 2 coasir)2x1GB sticks of ddr ram(don't know the brand)and a hand full of old ddr and SD ram, i have 3 old full screen laptop screens(1 dell 2 toshiba)and 2 wide screen laptop screens(nither will fit these laptops),and i don't know if any of them are any good cause i have not tested them. 

I almost forgot i also have a 2TB hitachi 7200rpm sata 3 drive.

Here are pics of every thing.

sata drive =how much???

and what is the hyperX (ddr3, 2 ??) 

The sata drive was $130 when i bought it back in feb,i would like to get 80$ but it is being used for a very little while till i can get my mom a new HD.

Also that hpyerX is DDR1 2x 512MB lol.

And i do not have any of the laptop parts left,and i am no longer looking for ram or a cpu,but i am still looking for a psu,and i now need an AM2+ mobo.