Want to know what the best internet browser is?


Thats the most shit test i've ever seen lol. You have to benchmark them, leave that to the pro's.. lol

I know I can, and I already did. The point is though, people aren't interested in all the general know how of everything. So at a clean install of all of them, no plugins or addons, just a regular speed test. What brought this up, was this ad I seen on the Safari Browser page, saying it's faster than all of them.

Also forgot to mention, if you didn't realize how Opera loaded faster and Safari still came in second, it's because the pros and cons of all of them. I was just too lazy to list them all.

Hehe, I see.

Safari and Google chrome is super fast.. But not fast at "Launch".

Firefox is just great in general.... Opera... Opera is norwegian, but its till "meh"

I use chrome and firefox

chrome, were is it?

It's busy sending your browsing history to Google.

lol, true.. Farnkly ,I dont care if they send my history to google...

Naill = Noob

By the way, if you guys want fast, use Lynx.