Want to how do i crossfire on board cpu video with a gpu

i have the  amd A-10-5800k trinity wanted to know if were to crossfire the radeon 6670 how would i do that and would my gaming change. also i have this mobo asrock fm2a75m-dgs. the games i play are league of legends and right now i can only play it on 30fps wanted to know if i could play on 60 fps with the crossfire if not what would be a good gpu to go with for about $50 to $150 




Your wasting money, buy a dedicated gpu.

what do think would be a good gpu for that cpu

Well, you have an APU, so it isn't a full strength CPU; they had to dedicate space and power to the onboard GPU. However, depending on your budget, you could get a 7950 for ~$260 or a 7870 Tahiti LE. Otherwise, it is wasted money.

ok thank you man will look into buying it man and if you think of a site that sells cheap plzz reply