Want to build PC but need help

Hey all!


I have been playing to build a Gaming/Photoshop PC! Friends have told me to go with Intel!
So I have decided to use the Intel i7 3930K!

The problem is I don't know what else to include because I haven't been current with anything PC lol

So could anyone please help me and create my next PC? 

My cap is $1600 USD! Please help!


Meh, didn't spend much time but didn't have the budget to put an SSD into the system.

I don't need a sound card?

if you can aford one, buy one?

you really shoudnt need a sound card


If you're keeping it under 1600$, get this instead. 


The only things I'd add to this build would be the Kingston HyperX Beast memory (clocked at 2400MHz), or a GTX 680. 

The reason I scrapped the 3930k (even though it is a rendering monster) is because you have to sacrifice other components in your computer to obtain it (like SSDs, a nicer cpu cooler for overclocking, an extra TB of storage, as well as a faster GPU)