Want to build a professional quality workstation for game development

Hello, I'm looking to build a workstation for a high quality 3d open world indie game project I'm working on. I need it to handle; 3d modelling, rendering, animation, multitasking, and high intensity applications in general. I plan to use; U4, Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, Paint tool sai, Visual studio, Zbrush, Blender, and various other professional quality programs as I find/buy them. In the immediate future I'm planning to purchase; Toolbag-marmoset, Substance painter, & Maya.

As far as the pc goes I'm not too worried about the price though I'd rather not go over $6k at the moment, but I can go higher in terms of upgrading the workstation in the future. I want this to be a powerhouse that can handle pretty much everything in terms of game development workflows.

Here is the build I'm currently considering, does this look about right http://pcpartpicker.com/p/qZLxjX?

A few questions:
I plan to add a second gpu down the line is this neccesary, is there enough extra power in the psu to handle that smoothly?
Is this overboard for what I plan to do?
How well would this stream/record video?

Thank you for reading/helping.

  1. you have enough power for two cards
  2. To me no, to others maybe (perhaps a xeon?)
  3. a 5960X would stream like a BEAST

Ok thank you.

Dual 295x2s should do the W9100 justice. You won't really be losing anything and you could gain so much:


For your workload, it would seem that having two 8 cores would be most optimal as background tasks could be offloaded to CPU 2 allowing CPU 1 to crunch the numbers. i'm not saying a 5960X couldn't, but in all seriousness overclocking isn't much to give up considering you could have 32 threads in place of 16 for only a little more.

Not to mention for under the price of your rig posted above, this has 64GB of ECC RAM.

And here's just a comparison betwixt the GPU's. I don't really care for the comparison but anyway here it is:


@Zippy_Parmesian Actually I did some research after reading your comment and found out that the w9100 would actually be better for what I want to do with it. The 295x2 after crossfire would only give me 4gigs of vram; this is not a very good trade off for me even with the superior overall performance.

Also after adding the w9100 to your build the costs well exceed what I'm looking to pay in regards to this build. But thank you for suggesting the dual cpu configuration, that could be useful as a future upgrade.