Want hard shell N99 pollution mask. Any suggestion?

Pretty simple. My pollution mask is breaking (nose support is shitty pot metal and its about to snap) so I’d like something that’ll last more long term. This is for my job, and while I’m not required to have that sorta PPE, its just better IMO to have it than to not. Mostly I’m avoiding having any air draw from my nose or mouth, rather than filtering air.

If you don’t know, I’m a certified commercial pesticides / herbicides applicator now in category 3B and 6, 3B being ornamental plants, and 6 being right of way (walkway, driveway, parting lots, hot surfaces that increase Xicide volatility). I am working with Round Up a lot, and rather than have a health risk, mostly from fumes or drift, I’d like to have something cover my face that mutes any airflow from my nose or mouth.

Currently I have a pretty quality cloth mask with a metal bridge support, but as I said its breaking and I don’t feel like spending 15 bucks every 2 months because of shitty pot metal.

Props if theres a camo design.

I’m unsure where to really look for reputable vendors of N99 masks. N95 works, 99 is just a better filter is all.


I would look at a half face cartridge type air purifying respirator. Depending on the chemical either organic or inorganic cartridges. I would venture to guess the spraying you do puts you over the permissible exposure limit.

Getting fit tested ensures you will have a proper fitting mask a medium 3M 6200 is the norm for most people. Because it is roundup a organic P100 cartridge would work. Double check the SDS. Tyvex is not a bad idea either so you don’t have to worry about saturating you clothes.

Your employer should pay for both the ppe and fit test.

Roundup has been linked to Lymphoma so you should protect yourself.

Background: I have worked in Nuclear, Hydrocarbon & fluorocarbon industries, lead and asbestos abatement. I have also worked at Superfund sites.

Have OSHA 30 and 6010, Hazwooper 40 and Supervisor Level. Haz Mat has been my bread and butter.

Not really. I’m not required to have any PPE as the volatility of what I use is really low. Only dangerous above 98 degrees, which isn’t going to happen any time. soon.

More than aware of that. :stuck_out_tongue: as I said I just want to mute airflow. I’m not applying a shitload and I’m in open areas. This is a personal requirement more than an employer’s requirement.

N95, I would get a box of 3M N95s.

Weirdly enough while I give shit, don’t want to see ya get cancer.

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thats weird