[Want] Does anyone have a spare copy of CSS?

   Hey guys, I just got Garry's Mod and can't wait to play. Sadly enough I was not aware of just how many servers require CSS maps and files. I not only need the files but would love to play the game. My real question is, Does anyone have a spare copy of CSS that I can have? The only games I have to trade as of right now are; Populous, and Battlefield 3.

You should have bought the CS:S + Garry's Mod Bundle http://store.steampowered.com/app/240/?snr=1_7_15__13


Yeah, I know. I regret not getting into Garry's Mod sooner >.<

I'm pretty sure I have a spare copy of Counter-Strike:Source in my inventory..…...

I'll trade it to you for Battlefield 3.  Add me on steam:FernTheTree

Friend request sent.

look up on youtube: "how to play prop hunt without CSS" it's free and completely legal. You download the maps and that's it.

look up cscheater, you can download the textures for free, which is all you need

I have heard of the CsCheater, and it's more of a last resort. I would rather own the game because I would like to play it by itself. Friends of mine have CS-S and want me to get it. >.<

yo m8 you interested in trading games?

Read the post. ^