Wanna learn more about computers


I have been very interested in computer hardware for the last 6 or 7 months, and I have learned a good deal but I still find myself wondering about some of the things you talk about. Therefore I am asking for advice on how to learn more about computers, are there any sites where i can read about the more technically side of computers. Sorry if it sounds dumb. And i do want to learn about all the components that make up computers, like the motherboard, cpu, gpu, ram etc, etc. any help is appreciated :) 

sorry for my english if there is any misspelling remember english isnt my first language (it's norwegian)



It's a certification help site that could be extremely useful in learning the basics. Find that A+ cert videos and watch them.

Just asking lots of questions can be really helpful. Anything you want to know about you can ask on the forums and no one will care that you don't know stuff. We all started not really knowing anything.


Learn what exactly, I'm confused right now, its just tha. It's a really general question and I would have no idea on how to respond unless you have a specific question in mind.

I'm sorry if i was a bit unclear, but what I wanna learn about is how computer hardware works. Like what does the different components that build up a motherboard do, differences in cpu architecture, why some cpu's are better suited for gaming and some for servers, the components that make up a gpu, things like that. Anything that could improve my knowlegde in computer hardware basically, because i didnt grow up with computers and has just started learning. hope this clarifies. i do wonder what makes the a psu better than others, and what's a 12 voltrail for instance. Would like any trustworthy information from sites you know of, that would help alot.      




100% legit


I don't know if you're serious or not, but if you mean it as a joke good one, but information from sites made by people with an exctensive knowlegde of computers is prefered. and too add as a reason why i wanna learn is that I havent been a part of the evolution in computers for long.


He is being serious, Wikipedia is actually really good for some stuff, and I would say that this is one of those things. i learnt a reasonable amount about hardware from wikipedia, most of it has just been from hanging around here for 6 months or so

One of the guys on reddit, /u/mayal0, made a really nice guide. I think it's called something like "Can we build it? 01 we can" and it has a bunch of information worded in a way that's friendly to both people new to computering and advanced users. Unfortunately I only have one link and it's broken, I saved the pdf to my hard drive. Sorry.

 Thanks for all the help guys! :D


usually its smart people or officials that make the pages, usually you won't find punks that randomly write ballsweiner in the middle of a page about vertex shaders