Wanna buy a gtx 1080?

do you have somewhere else to be at the moment?
i posted the FUCKING RECIEPT
ive got one unit in my garage. hold the fuck on. god.

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if youd like to remove all theese waste of space posts from my thread
thad be super.

trying to offer a deal to members here at a lower than retail price
not even considering the sold outness and inflation rampent at the moment
and i get someone up my asshole

I want everyone to make safe transaction and not be stolen from. There is a reason for the rules. Thank you for posting the picture.

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the action of receiving something or the fact of its being received.
"I would be grateful if you would acknowledge receipt of this letter"
synonyms: receiving, getting, obtaining, gaining; More
a recipe.
mark (a bill) as paid.
"the receipted hotel bill"\

proof of pur·chase
confirmation in the form of a receipt or other document that one has paid for a particular item.
"we had to have proof of purchase in order to qualify for service under the warranty"

Chill out dude. Rules are rules.

I'll have a mod clean up if possible. Please put the picture with your note on the OP.


i mean , logically it stands to reason.
if you show proof of purchase
and you are saying
hey you wanna buy x, here is the receipt


... its a screen shot, pretty easy to bs just saying.


@KuramaKitsune To Recap how much are you selling those 1080s for?

idk man i just got em
if someone was looking to build a gaming rig or something id feel bad if you couldnt get em cuz of the bitcoin miners
you acn still picke theese up on ebay via newegg

assuming they dont sell out too afst

I'm trynna upgrade my personal rig from a GTX 960 to something significantly better and see if there was a possibility to have an upgrade in this "Gold Rush of Mid Range in The Wild West"(Love that Pun).

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this one is in stock too if you Dont want a turbine blower fan


but $50 more is teh 1080 hybrid water air cooled one

ok thank you for the help. :slight_smile:

So I'm still interested, just away from PC most weekends lately. Haven't really bought on forums before, so how does this work?

I can do $450 for the G1 Gaming and pay shipping if that sounds good to you.

Trying to fit into a budget to upgrade from a R9 380 without breaking the bank.

500 and 20 ship
if you win it tho
trying to find you a better deal
the g1 varrient is upclocked and has like a 10 buck price hike

the blower style is still 509 on newegg

on theese gigabyte cards, id suggest just opening it up and changing the TIM before you even bother plugging it in

Yeah, trying to avoid the blower. It's worth a bit more for a better cooler.

I was under the impression you were selling directly. Are you not trying to sell them anymore?

As far as that goes, Arctic Silver works fine for that? Haven't really pulled a GPU apart before.

heres one!

its in stock next week
same price
tripple fan
plus prime shippuing
that means you can have it in your hands on tuesday the 18th

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for theese its literally 4 screws on the backplate and you sorta peel off the whole fan assembly and wipe off the bare chip and slop some goop on it and squish it back together

Has coin mining become just a little bit unprofitable for you? or are you upgrading to a cheap RX Vega card? In saying that the 1080 TI are much better mining cards. Just curious if your getting out of mining or just switching hardware configuration in preparation for the big doubling effort required to get hashes.

It is true that this past week has played Nightmares on the overall profitability that I had been getting but I'm still making a nice profit on a perc card basis also only being with GTX 1080s there is a lot more horsepower to be gained If I Were Somehow able to acquire GTX 1080 TI units from what I understand I believe those even now are still pulling roughly $5 a day prayer card but they also consume a lot more power my current 1080 cards pull less than 200 Watts a piece I believe ATI unit fools down like 280 to 300 I was interested in getting one of the Litecoin Asic units from bitmain smaller form-factor setup and forget less effort less space

But if I were to get a GTX 1080 set of cards you know damn well the first two would go into my gaming system and that means I would have to water cool the damn things and that would probably cost me about $1,000 per card