Wallet and guiminer not opening

Hi everyone. i am fairly new to bitcoin (and litecoin, terracoin etc.) so bear with me.

Yesterday i downloaded my bitcoin wallet and guiminer and everything went fine, i left it over night for the blocks to download and all i had to do then was find a pool to join. I had a break, came back after a few hours of not touching the wallet or anything but now when i try to open it is says "Cannot obtain a lock on data directory C: Bitcoin is probably already running" wft? I did enable some things in the settings that the guy in this video did http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ih6uTtIM6e0 (its a litecoin vid, i want to mine litecoins for personal profit and bitcoin for teksyndicate) i dont know if this is the reason it wont open (it also wont delete).

Someone help please.


*Update* When i try to open guiminer is says "the specified module could not be found. Load library(pythondil)failed.

will guiminer uninstall?

Yeah it did but on re install it did the same thing,


Try installing this (assuming windows 7 64 bit) otherwise, find the relevant Microsoft C++ Redistributabke package.


I downloaded it but i was only able to opeen my litecoin wallet once (not my bitcoin or gui miner, bitcoin and litecoin one) untill it just did it again.


Any other options and can i go somewhere for help?


The download actually did seem to fix my gui miners but only if i open them from my documents and not a homepage shortcut but the same error message pops up for the wallets.

the homepage shortcuts dont work for guiminer for some reason. i dont know why. I just delete it from my desktop, then use the search function in the start menu and click on the one that is an application.

Maybe download and install electrum or multibit instead of bitcoin-qt. See if you still have the problem. (they are found at bitcoin.org

Well multibit open fine so thats good, however are there other litecoin wallets since litecoin-qt is still doing the same thing, or how to I completly unistall it so i can re download (i can un install "litecoin" but not the wallet). Sorry this is in the bitcoin forum but i dont want to start a new thread.

i havent used any other programs apart from litecoin-qt, so i cant vouch for their reliability/security, but this one is an online wallet, https://ltc-wallet.com/ so you wont have problems with installing it.

Ok, well it seems to be working fine except...  I put in my credentials into guiminer and it just says "starting" but it doesnt start. Im using p2pool. The password says "anything" on p2pool so do i have to literally type in anything?

nah, just type in 123 or something. You just cant leave it blank.


Ok that might be why ill try it soon.

This happened to me too. I have to go to taskmanager and go to processes and then end the bitcoin-q process then it opens.

Ok thanks a bunch ill try that when i get home.