Wall mounting an SSD?

Hey guys , I just got an Intel 335 Series SSD in 240GB . It's speedy fast , boot up in around 13 seconds. I'm a bit of a show off when it comes to my computer :D I wan't to show the SSD , like wall mounting it in the case. But I'm not sure how , do I use the velcro method?I've also seen stick tape; but I thought that might melt to my SSD? And one person I know said that I could get my bitfenix 3.5 inch adapter and cut off the sides , then drill that into the side of the case and then my SSD.


Quite confusing , what method would you use in a Bitfenix shinobi XL?

You on about mounting it over the rubber grommets next to the motherboard itself? Personally I'd just use some Velcro. SSDs are so gad damn light that they don't need anything super strong to hold them in place.

nail gun? 

Velcro would do perfectly.

you dont need any rubber, it has no vibration. I used velcro for mine. 

Saw this on tot, may help with inspiration :P

Double-sided tape?