Wall mounting a GPU

I tried my luck on TomsHardwhere with no luck. I wanted to know if anyone knew how I could wall mount my MSI GeForce GTX 780 twin frozr. 

before you say anything Like "why am i wall mounting a 780" this cards Vram is fried. but for the price I paid it will make a nice bit of art to go with my other paintings on my walls. 

Juts get a hook?

Make it a showpiece - nice glass boxed frame kinda thing. Otherwise you could just screw it, double sided tape, velcro dots (one side screwed to wall). 

see if you can use some of the screws on the board. just take out the screws and get some nails.

Thats how i screwed all fried hdds/mobos/cards in my workplace :D

This is how I did it...  well, it's on a shelf at the moment, but it COULD be hung on the wall.

Just a shadow box and some black zipties.

This guy figured out how to mount a whole PC to the wall.

I'm sure you'll figure it out.

I want to mount my computer to the wall like that it looks so amazing