Wall mounter TV and Small PC for room

I want to get a TV Wall mounted, and have maybe and ASUS Chromebox or some other sort of very small PC. It would be for Netflix, Facebook, Youtube, and just everything but Gaming, because I have a desktop. I want maybe like a 30-40 inch. My head would be maybe 9m from the TV, so idk what the best bet would be for the size. It should have good color and viewing angles and have good speakers, but I could always add speakers, no big deal at all. Finally, thin edges that make it look slim and cool. I've got some idea of what I want but everyone here must know more than me for this kind of stuff :) Thanks! 

Was 9m a typo? That would be really far away from the screen. For mini pcs have alook at the intel nucs or gigabyte brix. i'm not a huge fan of the chromebox cause you can only use google apps.