Walk Me Through Step-By-Step Upgrading to Windows 10

(From my Tom's Hardware Thread)

Okay, so I've been currently running Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro as a temporary solution for my first pc build until all the hype died around Windows 10 and I could have time to fully consider my decision on which OS.

So now I've decided to take advice from a friend and simply purchase a Windows 7/8.1 license and upgrade from there.

Before doing so, I'd like to have a step by step explanation of the procedure so as to avoid bumps in the road and wasting time and money.

Also, will my files and settings remain through this process be kept or should I save a backup on to my external hard drive? On that note, would I be able to restore said backup once upgrading (I've never had to restore a backup before so I'm kind of shaky on the subject).

I ask these really simple questions because when searching the internet for them, I've come up with several mixed results and I'm confused as to which are true/pertain to my situation.

Should really just get a windows 10 key or USB drive and do a completely fresh install for the best results

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Other then clicking the upgrade button i think your biggest problem is gonna be the Embedded keyword.
No idea if M$ is able to abstract from the fact that embedded versions are released for multiple platforms.
Id advice you to goggle abit then when you feel comfortable that the upgrade will go through succesfully, then and only then click the upgrade button.
And when you get stuck in some upgrading don't turn off your computer screen, google again, windows 10 is notorious for burying systems when upgrading(Check intel compute stick forums).
my initial x86 windows 8.1 to 10 took 20 minutes and a restart or two maybe, no problems besides some retarded memory daemon windows 10 releases with. My intel compute stick was bricked by an update, so be sure before pressing that button :p