Wait or no wait?

Hello, i am gonna build my Ivy Bridge system on most prob Feb next year. But i heard that Haswell will come out soon in april, so should i just go for the IB system or wait for Haswell?

I believe prices tend to dip before a new product release, so I'd aim for March. I've been hearing some mixed things about Haswell, and honestly, there aren't that many games that can really push Sandy or Ivy, especially considering most platforms game are still hindered by 6 year old consoles and the fact you can OC the snot out of some of those chips...

If you were thinking about buying right now, I'd say go for it.

But you're thinking about buying it in a few months.  Probably wait for Haswell to see how much IB/SB drops in price or to pick up a Haswell.

But if i am getting it in Jan? Also, the online shop i am buying from doesn't drop their prices, like at all.

Then get Ivy Bridge. Waiting for tech is a never ending; there is a new product every 6 months that promises to outperform the previous generation. I'm pretty sure 1155 is going to be a dead upgrade path soon, but Ivy Bridge is so far ahead of what these games demand that it makes upgrading kinda irrelevant. Not to mention new tech tends to come at a stupid premium.


1155 is already a dead upgrade path now.  Haswell is going to use 1150 IIRC, and Haswell's successor will use that as well.

The reason you wait for tech is because of price drops, not to buy the new flagship.  Prices drop when new shit comes out.  If your'e going to buy a computer, you don't buy around when new shit is being released unless you have to.  When there's no new shit coming out the same season/month, then buy at any time.  Pretty common sense if you ask me.

If you're buying in Jan, then just go sandybridge or ivybridge.  Haswell won't be around for another 3-6 months after you buy your computer so it's no big deal.

I stand by my recommendation. Haswell will probably be June (not April), barring any delays.