Wait or get

So I plan on putting together my first gaming PC in the fall (hopefully) when windows 7 comes out. I also hear that the the HD5xxx cards will be comming out in Q4 this year. My question is; with my budget of under $2000 Canadian, would I get a better deal buying this gens cards or waiting to build the PC later when the better but more epxensive hardware? I put up a poll for shits 'n giggles. Post after too explaining what you chose and its bennefits.Side note: I will be getting a crossfire motherboard if I get the older card so I can take advantage of a price drop when the new cards come out.

you should wait.. i know if you wait long enough everything becomes cheaper but at some point have to dish out the money and accept prices will dropp but i usually try and buy graphics cards about 2 months after the new generation is released ..i recomend buying a new gen card ..crossfire is good but there is just not enough support to be buying multiple older gen cards

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Wait till atleast the ati 5xxx series or the nvidia gtx300 series is out.

I'd play the waiting game. If you don't, you'll regret it.

wait till the GT300 cards come out.

The ATI HD 5xxx will be no match for the GT300 cards if ATI doesn't use the MIMD architecture like Nvidia and Intel.

So what makes MIMD better then what ATI is using? Just curious.Thanks for the input I'll wait the couple extra months to build a computer. Plus I'll be able to save enough for the cost of the new card.