Wait for Haswell or stick it out for Skylake?

Planning on building a new computer sometime this year really doesn't matter when. I don't expect it to be completely futureproofed but I do want atleast the socket to stay current for 2-3 years. I learnt my lesson with the 1366 :/

I was considering the 3570k but since the 1155 chipset is going to die with Haswells release what do you guys suggest? 

Should I wait until June and grab Haswell or just wait it out for another 6 months. 

Also if it helps I'll be doing a full atx build in a NZXT Phantom 820. Fully waterblock cooled. 

Just go for LGA 2011 and the i7 3820?? unless something new pops up before you get the 3820.