Wait for Haswell for my first build?

I've been planning on building a computer for a while now, and finally decided on doing so.

My current partlist is as follow http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Kh0b

Note: for the psu, im getting a local company's 650 watt 80+ platinum psu, not the one listed.

I'm not exactly sure that should I wait or not. My original thoughts were that I'll wait for an extra year or two for generation 2 or 3 haswells to come out since they'll be more stable. But now I'm thinking, if i save for three more months, I'll get a higher budget and buy an even better computer.


pwease help someone?

Don't wait for anything lol. New shit ALWAYS will be coming out. No point waiting unless it's like a week before haha. If you want future compatibility you could get an 8350 since they're staying on AM-3 for a while. At least I think it's AM3 i forget. Either way, the next series will be on the same socket. What do you need 2 monitors for? If it's for editting, I vote nvidia card. If it's just so you can see what's up on Facebook etc while gaming, you're all good. BUT, maybe 16gb of ram could be better for that? Idk. I'd get 2x4gb. Then you still have an upgrade path to 16gb. Could remove the SSD and get a 7970. I'd grab a 7870XT if you aren't willing to do that since they're super cheap atm. Get the sapphire one though! You don't NEED a higher budget. That's perfectly fine. 

But my suggestions, drop the ssd, switch to AMD, and get a 7970. Intel is fine, just no future with 1155.

Haswell will basically be ivy bridge with less shit graphics and 5 less pins (1150 socket vs 1155).

Also: Get dual channel ram, unless you plan on upping that to 16gb. If you plan on sticking with 8gb: http://bit.ly/WuDlMA

i did a quick look around. the amd permformance cpus are supposed to be canceled after the piledriver, which is the current ones. so....

dang, my bad, i wasnt looking at the partlist as i didnt have an actual model number for my paper list.