Wait for GS5 root on Verizon or get note 3?

I might be getting a new phone at the end of the month and I really want the Galaxy S5. But I recently found that the boot loader on the Verizon and att versions are locked and make root almost impossible. People are working on it though. I was wondering if anybody had some insight on if root would be possible soon and I should get the S5 and wait for root later or just go with the note 3 and have root guaranteed? Thanks a lot in advance.

Personally, I'd go with the Note 3. In addition to easier rooting, it's a hell of a multi-media device. I'm a Note II owner, and the case I have has a kickstand and with a wireless keyboard with the stylus, this thing is practically a computer on the go. In fact, I'm typing this response on said set up. The screen is great for videos, and it's just a beast. From I what I gather from reviewers, the Note 3 is what the Note II should have been, upping the Note II in virtually every aspect. After a year and half with the Note II, my biggest gripe is the bezel. 

Get a Note 3 or don't buy Samsung, they need to learn that rooting is essential to the Android ecosystem.  IMO there's no reason to not buy a One M8 unless you're in dire need of a removable battery.

Go for the note 3. I have the 2 and it is one of the best pieces of tech I have ever owned. I use it for just about everything I use m PC for on the go. Once you have the initial rooting down the phone is great.