Wait for DDR4? (and the rest)

i am planing on building a brand new pc i don't have all the money for it right now, and i know that ddr4 will be avalable sometime towards the end of the year.

So my question is wait for ddr4, motherbords posibly even processors or build my pc when i have the money? 

P.S i am in no hurry to build my pc

P.P.S sorry for my english writing skills

DDR4 will be a pretty big improvement over DDR3 but I don't think it's something worth waiting for.

Edit: I would be more inclined to wait for nVidia's 700 series or AMD's 8000 series GPU's.

i already have a gtx 560 ti hawk and it can sill run all games at decent frame rates so i don't see the need for a new gpu just yet, 3 year life cycle and all.


Don't wait. DDR3 is cheap as hell. When DDR4 comes out, it will be just as expensive as DDR3 was back in the days.

And all this non-sense about DDR4 in the end of 2013 (you really want to wait 9 months for a rumour?), is only regarding the enterprise hardware (ie. workstation and server) which will get even more expensive. Comsumer-leveled DDR4 modules and platforms may hit the market in mid-2014. You REALLY want to wait that long?

I was planning to wait for DDR4 to release as well, but after I did some research I came to a conclusion: it's not worth the wait.

I'm planning to buy a new rig... haswell, and asus mobo then i heard of the ddr4... i said to my slef i'll wait... but them come to think of it, yeah come release 2013 or mid 2014 it will bw expensive as hell, I'd rather do the upgrade 2 to 3 years from now when ddr4 is stable and cheap... but then again you would not know unless you really need an upgrade... for now, the offers that we have are already beast and no need to wait..