Wait for 300 series?

Okay so I am after a new card, should I wait for the 390x or just get a 970/290x at some point soon, I am asking this because I do not know what quarter they are coming out.


With computer tech there will always be something better down the line, there's not much point in waiting if you need it now. As for the release date I don't think there is anything concrete, but people are saying first quarter 2015.

Well it will be in January when I get the card which is why I was asking.

Since you're buying in January I'd recommend waiting if possible, as I believe the current rumor points to a February launch for the 390x.

That said, the cards could get delayed and then there'd be no point in waiting.

Also it's possible that they are severely overpriced at launch in your country.

I think waiting is definitely worth considering, but it's difficult to decide at the moment.

Pretty sure the 300 series is gonna be expensive once they are out. Better check you budget 1st so you won't wait for nothing.

my budget is upto £350, im currently looking at 290x vs 970, I will be getting a 2k monitor also

If that's your budget better buy an 290 or a gtx 970. When the 290 was release that thing cost around $500 USD and the 290x around $800 USD. 

EDIT: Just noticed that your currency is GBP. But still I think that 300 series is gonna be uber expensive

but the problem is this, does AMD actually warrant a purchase since the release of the 970? apart from games I cant think so :S

I don't think they do. AMD will eventually release the 300 series with or without the 970 or the 980.

I actually want an 290 or an 290X but prices here in Hong Kong is soo inflated because the of coin mining that I'm thinking of buying an 970 instead.

Wow, that is still an issue for you guys? That has slowed down here in North America to the point where it doesn't affect prices anymore.

Yes, but not all. Only some selected 290 but almost all of the 290X. Chinese likes them mining no? My bro actually bought an $6000 mining rig few months ago. So yea

EDIT: Just checked the prices. Asus R9 290 for around $500 Asus 290X around $600 and so on... The only cheap 290 is either Gigabyte or Sapphire but both are too big for the build i'm making.

MSI R9 290X Lightning 4GB

HK price: HKD$5300 around USD$680. Newegg price: $399.99 discounted to 389.99

So yea fuck me.