Wait, did Microsoft just do something good?

So in this article the dreaded Microsoft is now being open about innovations and sharing designs with partners. Apparently this is all part of Microsoft trying to change their image. And they are being more environmentally friendly with their data centers, using local power solutions via lithium ion batteries instead of the lead acid ones. So Microsoft is collaborating with open source develpers AND using more "green" solutions in their data centers? Whaaat?

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i would be happy about this if I hadn't just spent 3 hours installing windows 10 and then reinstalling windows 10 because Microsoft mixed up the 32 bit and 64 bit download links!

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LOL, its still in early stages bro, expect errors.

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I would expect errors in the os but not on microsofts website which those links have been there for a while now.

Kindof having a bad day, your suffering has brought me solace.

I'm a bit surprised they didn't drop 32bit like they did for Server 2012. I mean I get there might be a few people out there still running the 32bit stuff, and I guess possibly certain platforms may not be x64...but still. I mean my first custom build(and first personal PC) was a 64bit dual core back around 2005(socket 939 3800+). And it's not like their previous 64bit OS's can't run 32bit programs.

Sorry for any derailing of the OP.

No it's my fault

I think at this point it's in an effort keep and promote it for all platforms. Some atom and low end mediatek processors in notebooks and tablets are not 64-bit.

while we talk about their datacenters, they have best ones. They've been using "green solutions" for a long long time. Point of even building artificial lakes for cooling, and electricity.

EDIT: derp, I misread :x

Which is why I said "I guess possibly certain platforms may not be x64." Because I was unsure if there were small or some sort of light platforms out there that still used 32-bit chips.

nope they didn't