Wacky idea #1 from me... Peltier + mineral oil?

so looking at some cooling setups based around the peltier device as seen http://www.frozencpu.com/products/2408/exp-01/245W_Potted_Peltier.html?tl=g30c105

this is more of a wack idea than anything els but i would like to do it for giggles if i ever got the chance.

step 1. strap heat sinks to both sides of one of the Potted Peltier device

step 2. submerge the cold side with no fan into a miniral oil rig to drop the oil temperatures and make sure there's oil circulation.

step 3. ...? overclock and profit?! 

like i said totally a wack thought but im curious as to weather or not anybody has tried this im sure im not the first one to think of such a thing.


that's actually a good idea. takes care of the potential condensation that might form around the sensitive components.

that's what i was thinking also, because oil is denser than water the water wont touch the components. 

how far can mineral oil wick tho? that could be a messy problem.

ya see thats something i don't know about, the other question is would cooling the oil make it significantly thicker and be an issue with circulation.

i think as the oil gets warmer the viscosity gets higher and colder, lower viscosity. so you might run into a problem trying to circulate cold oil. i think the best you can do is install fans inside the oil just to keep the temps normalized (ie, no hot spots)


Oil gets thinner a it gets hot. Anareist, you have it reversed. Lol.

whopps. mixed up my viscosity