W10 Fall Update Issues

I am having a bad problem with the new W10 update (no suprise). I am running a Samsung tv as a monitor and it has HDR. Usually, it displays fine until I back out of a game, then I have to shut down my pc, turn it back on, and the HDR is fine again. After downloading the update today, nothing I have tried is working. At best, the colors are all faded and dull, and at worst, the screen just starts fading away to white until I can’t read anything on it.
A couple weeks ago, I had downloaded the newer Nvidia driver for my gtx970, and it was doing the same thing. I ended up getting rid of gforce experience and manually installing the previous driver, and that got me my HDR back. But now, I am totally stumped. I’ve played with the graphics card settings in the nvidia control panel, and I’ve combed my computer.
The only area I can think of is the generic pnp driver windows is using for my tv. It’s from 2006, which is pretty outdated. I looked on MS website and cannot find any alternate drivers to test out, but that could be from my ignorance about how to search thier site.
If anyone has any ideas, (aside from deleting W10 altogether), I would seriously appreciate anything. In the meantime, I will turn hdr off and try to get by without amazing color.
edit- Ok, I can’t turn off hdr, my screen fades to black.

Received a windows update yesterday, a small one, and my hdr came back. After microsoft customer service reps repeatedly told me it couldn’t possibly be windows causing the problem, turns out it was.
The biggest question in my mind now is this- where should the line be drawn when I buy a product for my own personal use, and the level of control or functionality of that product is ultimately decided by someone else?
I realize that a company making something as complex as an operating system that works across so many platforms is a difficult task, but surely it cannot be so uncommon to use a modern tv as a monitor, especially as people move away from console gaming to living room pc’s. For me to buy a thousand dollar tv because of low latency and hdr features, only to have it bricked and look like a $200 tv from 1990 for several months is rediculous. Someone has to be immoliated for this:)