W00t GTX480 price!

Check this out;

The price is fairly low, good :D! Waiting for NDA to lift now so I can read some nice reviews..

Have a nice easter btw

$500....not bad. I'll still probablly have to wait for a price drop though.(and get a new PSU most likely)

Happpy easter to u too

i thought i was gona have t burn my pocket for this one.


the more popular name brands EVGA etc, are going to cost 50-100 more then that.

Aww shit, I guess I wont be buying it then... No really...
50-100 is overdoing it.
50 at maximum. Who buys super superduper overclocked versions anyways?

I dont think the price difference will go much beyond 50 dollars if that much. usually when i look at cards on newegg the difference between the cheap brands and popular ones is around 30 dollars. but then again idk if it will be different at launch.

Ill just wait for microcenter to sell it. They'll probably sell it for $500 witha $400 rebate lol. Cuz their just that brutal.

Pretty nice and Zotac is a good company but I would prefer an eVGA card...

Now we wait.

lolk. Whatever makes you feel good.

And I'll wait till my not-so-local computer store has a discount or an introductory price. But the consumers will go stink on it, cuz you know, they're northlanders, who's to be expected to clear out the shops lawfully unlike little boys on the westside ._.

too rich for my blood...
$500 is a little under what I spent for an i7 build...

I'll wait for the midrange cards in the $250 price point

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fucking sweet.. reading reviews till my eyes bleed

Oh god oh god...Norway is sooooo fucking expensive

USA = 500 dollars
Norway = 660'ish
GTX470 = 490 dollars here in norway.


Just preordered an Evga GTX480 btw...
Guru3d review btw; http://www.guru3d.com/article/geforce-gtx-470-480-review/1
It annoys me that no testers use 100% fan speed instead of auto function.. But the temps on 100% load is still crazy...

The price for the 480 isn't bad in NZD for its first release date.

530 U.S. dollars = 753.80458
New Zealand dollars

I'll have to have a think about it.

I'll stick with a 470 Â But first I need Windows 7. As long as Vista runs flawless (as it does for me), there's no point in upgrading.

EDIT - depends on the performance compared to my current GTX295...

Ehh... Going from GTX295 to a GTX470? GTX295 totally beats it.

Yeah, that's my thought. Time will tell.

Of course, but you can't compare a dual GPU card to a single GPU one.