W...What happened here?

Well I went on a month and a half holiday without internet and I find out all this drama about Logan and TekSyndicate... I know there are a million threads already but I don't seem to find all the info about what the hell happened, can anybody give me links or details?

This should give you an overview.


Logan(Pistol) decided to crap on his business partner and long term friends in a very negative and public manner. He also decided that the current community here was his to command. Went over like a turd in a punch bowl. A brief but accurate description.


All is not lost. Fear not. Suffice to say that Logan suffered the worst of it, Wendell is making his orderly exit, and one way or another, we will have a place with him.

Aren't there already enough threads about this?

Whats going on [Read Here]
Tek Syndicate Update - Sept 5, 2016
Wendell Update Sept 7
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Sorry for posting another thread like this, I couldn't find anything quickly :(

Thank you <3 <3

Lounge is Tek Syndicate help desk


There is a lot of topics on this, and it's been outlined what has happen. There are lot's of threads about this and t800a listed some for you.