W.A.T.E.R mod for skyrim crashes

anyone know how to make this mod work since its the only mod that crashes.


i have the high rez dlc pack downloaded https://i.imgur.com/8XEkwhis.jpg

are you using any other water mods? have you ran BOSS or LOOT to fix your load order?

sorry for the image it playing somehow. nope have not tried those yet and tell me how to use them since i got no idea

just google LOOT for skyrim and you will find it. it is a mod order organizer, and it is very good for people who don't know how to order their mods themselves. I use it occasionally when I feel exceptionally lazy. It doesn't beat learning how to do mod order yourself, but it is pretty close.

It used to be BOSS, or Better Oblivion Sorting Software, for TESO, but it also works for any game using Gamebryo engine, so morrowind, fallout 3, New Vegas, and skyrim. LOOT is like BOSS 2.0, updated, better GUI, and continued support.