Vulkan API expected to release by end of 2015

After watching the Nvidia presentation on SIGGRAPH 15, I figured I would post this.

The Nvidia rep mentioned during the presentation that Khronos has declared that Vulkan API is releasing by the end of 2015.


Don't forget about Intel. they are getting on the ball too

Huh. Surprising AMD didn't release a statement. Kernel 4.2 should be released tonight with the AMDGPU module which I may in fact install... I'm not entirely sure how this is going to work out. This is considerably weird because an AMD rep told me that Vulkan is practically Mantle 2.0...

4.2 is supposed to be the largest kernel ever in the way that it has the most commits... I speculate it will release tonight however Torvalds may very well progress to RC 9...

if you watch towards the end of the Nvidia presentation, the guy is showing the CPU usage or something difference between GL and Vulkan to render the same thing.

The massive one of a car on openGL used 34000 of CPU and the vulkan version used 6300 CPU to render the same thing.

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i am aware of intel too. I just hadnt heard intel say anything about when it is released.