Vt-c intel ethernet card and amd cpu

Hi everyone,
It’s been one year since i writed in your lovely forum about a project (build a all in one pc freenas/Windows/plex server…). After a year my thoughts have evolved. I think an epyc based is Indeed more suitable for my project over threadripper (pcie lanes and nb pcie slots of motherboards).
I have a question about a piece of this dream pc : the ethernet card. I would like to put a Intel x710 t4. Why because of 10GbE*4 and also some nice features like vdmq and sr-iov. But i can’t find anywhere if Vt-c (vdmq) feature is enable with a non Intel cpu in my case an epyc cpu or maybe it’s implied in product sheet but my english not being my mother tongue i could not figure. That’s why i am asking you guys if Vt-c feature from this x710 t4 card are enable if mounted on a epyc pc and under kvm.
Thanks for your answers :wink:

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