VSTi Used for Zweihänder

Hey Tek Sydicate crew,

I am curious what VSTi is being used to create the 8-Bit like sounds for Zweihänder. I remember seeing FL Studio running on one of the computers in the background, and as a fellow FL Studio user I would love to get my hands on that VSTi. So if anyone can impart me of that info, it would be much apreciated.


A quote from the bandcamp page:

I remember discovering a few 8bit VST files. They were styled after classic NES and SNES games (mostly). On day one, I downloaded the following VST files: peach, toad, triforce, minerva, monomate, tapeworm, rebar, pippo, and padawan. Later I would download several more vst files, including the magical 8bit plugin. This is the one that produces most of the sounds that your brain classically associates with 8bit video games. It is heavily used on "Video Games", "Earwig", and "Epic".

Thanks didn't even know it was there