VST bridge over IVSHMEM


I need to work on other things for a bit so I’m dropping this here in case some people want to see the POC

I got a windows gain vst working with the DAW being bitwig in linux. No audio artifacts and an inaudible latency :loud_sound:
Sadly the plugin host program (in windows) crashes in the go runtime after some time of playback

This is also an example of doing ivshmem stuff with go
The memconn only supports one open conn per memory zone at the moment and is very brittle on init/deinit
Heavily inspired by ivshmem-example and scream

Also I need to write docs… :sweat_smile:

(Posted on reddit too: https://www.reddit.com/r/VFIO/comments/jmj2d2/vst_bridge_over_ivshmem/)