VS 2019 - Debug randomly stops opening console / window

I’m about to just blow up visual studio at this point. I’ve tried googling the issue and haven’t managed to find anything remotely close to what I’m experiencing.

Randomly, when I go to debug my code / project, VS will successfully debug and run the program but will NOT open the console (For console apps) or a window (for window apps) where the run before everything was fine. Undoing all changes made since the last run does not fix it.

Repairing VS did not fix it, Uninstalling and reinstalling did not fix it either.

So I took the nuclear option and reformatted windows and reinstalled VS. I was able to option up the solution and debug the program as normal, window and all.

What the hell? Has anyone experienced this before? How did you fix it?

Win 10 LTSC Fully updated, Visual Studio 2019 Professional