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VRM temperature monitoring on Linux (X299 Taichi, X370 Taichi)



Most high-end motherboards have working VRM temperature monitoring under Windows, via HWinfo64 or manufacturer software.

Is there any way to check VRM temperatures under Linux? HWinfo needs kernel mode, so Wine is a complete no-go.
I have tried the standard lm-sensors package in Ubuntu 18.04, but I get no VRM temps. Is there any support for reading out the temperature from the smart voltage controllers commonly found on high-end motherboards? AFAIK these controllers are connected via an I2C bus.


Doesn’t lm-sensors monitor VRM temps?


The VRM temps do not show up in lm-sensors. CPU/GPU temps are ok.


You need and out-of-tree version of of the it87 module. The guy that used to maintain it stopped doing so a few months ago, but a few people still have backup snapshots that they host in a few places. Try looking around in gitlab. You would still need to figure out what each sensor corresponds too, and if the values are accurate.