VR & Headtracking with your phone!

Hi @pistol

I noticed you mentioned how you'd like to give VR ago if you ever got a headset and i'm just wondering if you've thought about using you phone and alternative seeing as you're part of the OnePlus Master race :P

I've found this post by a chap that has done just that by using his phone. Here is his post on Github.
Also here is a post on Gizmodo by Sean Buckley about his attempt at home made VR.

What are you're thoughts on home made VR and would you be willing to give it a go?

P.s. this works really well on Elite Dangerous XD

I am aware of the phone method, I just don't think I'd be willing to go through all that hassle personally. I'd rather have my phone and my VR separate, but I support those who use it as an alternative method (and presumably cheaper).

Currently in the process of printing a Google Cardboard clone using 25mm lenses and a Nexus 5.

Definitely check out http://oddsheepgames.com/trinus/

It's pretty cool.

Yeah I might have to. I'm currently using something called VRStreamer by some guys called Swatterco.

Trinus looks to be more features full this way I don't need to run 2-3 different apps on the phone :D