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VPN what to pick?

I’m still looking into VPN’s
been looking at a lot and from what i see
they always seem to have a “Hurry Sale” with a timer on reset all the time,
so i don’t think ill miss out on any “deals”

All i have been told it to avoid the 5/14 eyes

so what VPN’s would you recommend?

Pick your poison.

Question is also what you want to use it for. If it’s for… uh… semi-legal activities there’s no sure way to be “safe” anyway, since you never know what they might log even if they say they don’t.

Your own VPSes in various countries.

For illegal stuff: same as above, with fake IDs and payment information. Done not from your own home lol.

(I’m not endorsing it, just being brutally realistic.)

Number one rule of staying safe: Trust no one. The more people are involved, the higher the risk.

i’m an Australian
cant get a hold of US nexflix down here.
reason why im looking to a VPN :slightly_smiling_face:

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It is sort of illegal/against the terms of service of Netflix for you to use a VPN to circumvent content their gating (not their fault, some content are granted exclusive licensed to other publishers). Best to wear an eyepatch and shout a hearty Yaaarrrrrr! at any rate.

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There’s a big difference between illegal and against TOS… They can kick you from the service, but it’s not illegal to do it, i.e. no legal actions can be taken because it is not a copy protection measure (and you’re not circumventing copy protection either, obviously).

Netflix only works with a handful of VPNs because they keep banning VPN IPs from accessing the service. They work for a while, then stop working. So for that usecase you will probably have to rotate your VPN service regularly.

It doesnt help their case that the quality of the videos on PC is so bad vs what they offer on android/ios/smart TVs. Quality is automagically downgraded on the PC which is a shame because I active chose not to own a smart TV or use stock android. I recently discovered this while watching The Witcher. I paid for their FHD tier and they show me 360p/480p quality.

I personally pay for a VPN that is hosted in my own country, mainly to support the local economy. Plus, I like their privacy policy, TOS, and available features. I use WindScribe. Few minor complaints, but for the most part, not bad.

That is due to lack of DRM methods in Chrome’s DRM module. Use Edge (yes, even the new one) or the Netflix App on Windows 10 and you get the full quality.

There’s also browser extensions that help with this, but they tend to not work at times.

Since this is an illegal activity and against Netflix Tos.
We don’t offer any support in regards to illegal activities on Level1Techs.

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