VPN vs the Great Wall

I’ve been searching through old threads but can’t find anything current regarding VPN use in China. I have an in-law travelling there for business and they need to access stuff like email and the like, as well as stuff for university.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a VPN to use there. Any experience would be appreciated.


Do some searching around Chinese youtuber’s channels. I’m sure someone has talked about their VPNs. ADVChina comes to mind

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Cheers matey

Do you happen to know any good Chinese Youtubers?

I am looking roughly for somebody like “Rachel and June”, or “Aboard in Japan”. But in China

Last I heard, PIA works fine there (month ago).


I was in China this last chinese new year. I used shadowsocks to bypass the wall. Setting it up was easy and there’s a client android app for it as well as apps for windows and linux (only used linux client app and android).

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Thanks to everyone who replied, we’ve got it sorted.


Would be very interested to know if SSH tunnels still work.

I think VPNs or an SSH tunnel might be blockable due to the protocols/ports used. Substratum might be interesting when it comes out of beta though…