VPN unlimited

VPN unlimited is having a special for 30$ us.
Lifetime VPN it seems.
Has anyone had experience with this particular service? Would you recommend or no.
I've never used a VPN but have been wanting to get one for a while. The deal won't be around for long. Thoughts and opinions please.


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From what I can tell of their privacy policy...They log

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30 dollars for a lifetime membership smells of honeypot. Sounds to good to be true. To maintain quality servers I would expect to not have a lifetime option for payment. Could also be a scam to get your moneys.

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Thanks for the replies.
I passed on this service after realizing they log user data.

Can anyone recommend an affordable quality VPN?

well why not get a cheap vps and run open VPN on it thats what my mate is doing and hes given me access to it and its sometimes faster then my internet which is nice :D

That one does seem to good to be true and logging user data...meh
I currently use PIA(Private Internet Access) and have for the past several years, but I may look for something else in February when my year is up. Not that I am dissatisfied with PIA, I just want to try another service for comparison.

Because most VPS companies have data caps, and for the same money you can just get a yearly sub to a VPN company which doesnt.

FWIW I have used FrootVPN since TPB had it on its homepage way back when. Its a paid service now but only $35 a year, no logs, and decent speeds. They do have server downtime issues in certain areas but for the most part I just use another one of their servers when that happens. I cant complain about their service thus far.

well my mate is using ovh and he had a look on the server to see if he has caps but he doesnt the only issue is its only 100Mbps :(

Where is the server located?


I guess it would be nice to break out of a restricted network, but as soon as you start doing questionable shit, you get a party van outside your front door.

I'm in the same boat. They're good, but I may be checking out something else, maybe vypr or so, just for anon status. I'm building a terminal server project for one of the high school geek groups that I volunteer with. They're going to to be getting an l2tp tunnel to whatever VPN service I choose to use, so I can get them off the restricted school network.

Looking for something that's robust and can push/pull at least 100mbps.

I have tried Private Internet Access, Express VPN, and AirVPN. I am currently on AirVPN. They are pretty good but I would recommend closely watching the billing cycle. They have shorted me a couple of days here and there.

Damn really? That's not cool.

My main issue is that OpenVPN is a pain in the fucking ass to configure with networkmanager on Linux. Every time I try to do it, I want to shoot someone.

Not that l2tp is any easier.

openvpn is actually very easy to configure

Most distros have a package for openvpn-network-manager that pretty much takes care of everything. And most VPN services worth two cents have preconfigured openvpn files that you just import as a new connection in network manager. The AirVPN preconfigs take a few changes to work properly but it is not hard.

PIA has a Ubuntu installable program much like the one for Windows. I have found their forum to be very helpful.

I have been using PIA for around 3 years now.