VPN router setup without client software

I would like to setup my router as a VPN Client without installing software on networked systems. As far as I understand, OpenVPN requires software installation on clients (networked systems). I'de prefer to have my router handle all VPN calculations and do the work and have all networked systems unaware of the VPN.

Recently my ISP (armstrong) has started throttling my connection at peak hours. My VPN does fix this issue, however I'd prefer to not have to run my VPN's software on all my machines as some are android, one is steamOS, another is regular 'ol ubuntu, ect. Plus the windows machines. While I was able to work out dependencies and get the software installed on everything including SteamOS, it's a nuisance to open up the software all the time, and juggle the 3 simultaneous connections I'm aloud to have.

My router is an Asus rt-n66u with merlin firmware installed. It supports PPTP / L2TP / OpenVPN.

My VPN Service is AirVPN and supports setup on DD-WRT / Tomato / pfSense / Tor / SSH Tunnel / SSL Tunnel (without AirVPN software installation)

dd-wrt, tomato, and pfsense setups are all OpenVPN based. But as stated earlier, OpenVPN requires OpenVPN software installation on clients, correct? 

Is there a viable way to have all my outgoing and incoming network traffic be under the VPN without installation on clients, only setup on the router itself?

Your idea is possible, yes. To do it, you'll either need a heck of a business router, a router with DD-WRT on it, or an old PC with pfSense. I personally recommend an old PC with pfSense, purely because of how powerful it is. Just grab a junk machine like a Pentium 4 (I've seen it done with an 866mhz Pentium III before, but I don't recommend it) and install pfSense. You won't regret it.

No, if you have a router with the openvpn client on it then you don't need the software on your computers aswell.

Just get the config file from your vpn service and set up the client with that. If you haven't done it before see if they have a guide for dd-wrt or pfsense and adapt it to whatever firmware you're using.


Righto, then the next question is, can my router handle all that? 256mb memory, and a 600Mhz processor. would it be too taxing on the hardware with constant use?

How many machines you plan on putting through thebVPN at one time I had a rt-n66r very similar model to your own and it was too much.

If they're throttling connections to certain sites, or certain protocols then using a VPN prevents them from being able to discriminate the traffic. If they're just throttling the whole connection then a VPN won't do anything.