VPN Questions!

So I'm new to the whole networking scene (especially VPN's). I'm am pretty hardware oriented and am in the process of completing my A+ certification and then onto my Network+ certification.

I'm pretty far ahead in class and find much free time which I use to surf the web. The issue is my school network uses Fortiguard as a web restriction service and blocks most websites even ones with just info on them. So I decided I wanted to set up a VPN to use while in class. My questions are the Following:

Will a VPN allow me to get around Fortiguard?

Should I try a paid service first like TunnelBear or just go to creating my own VPN?

If I do create my own VPN I plan on using a Raspberry Pi 3 set up at my home which has about a 20Mbps Upload speed. Will this be sufficient?

Anything else I should know?

A VPN should do the job, but you might have to try a couple options.
First you could try installing a trial of Freedome on your phone or pc.
If that won't work they're trying to block VPN, in that case an option is to use SSL tunneling https://airvpn.org/ssl/


The wifi at my college blocks certain websites as well, although they don't use fortigaurd. I use a VPN all the time and getting by the wifi restrictions is like taking candy from a baby.

But yeah, that fortigaurd shit shouldn't be too much of a problem, since there are ways to still use a VPN even if your school tries to block it.

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