VPN (PIA) Client on Android Draining Battery

I use Private Internet Access as a VPN, and while the desktop client works well, the mobile app severely drains my battery life.

When I have the PIA Android VPN app enabled my battery life is about half of what it is if it is disabled. Any idea why its using so much power?

Yeah.. your encryption method.. encryption is a cpu intensive task and requires all cores at full power... Simple... happens on most devices

Are there certain encryption methods that require more or less power or is it always 100% CPU usage?

What device are you running?

yes the lesser strength encryption the less taxing it is... for example

AES256+SHA256+RSA4096 > AES128+CBC-Blowfish+RSA1024

Its very simple.. this is a universal truth regardless of device @Kai though what kai says is true.. if you have a shitty device you will have shitty performance.. very simple haha